Malware Removal

A computer virus is a kind of malicious software that takes over a computer and its programs. Viruses can be present on your computer without your knowledge or permission.

There are many ways for a virus or malware to infiltrate your computer, but the most common entry point for a computer virus is careless internet browsing that leads to a virus or malware infection.

We have listed here some warning signs of a malware or virus infection.

  • Unexpected Pop-Up Windows or Unexpected Onscreen Messages
  • Computer Starts Slowly, Runs Slower than Usual, or Shuts Down slower than usual.
  • Suspicious activity – i.e. the hard disk seems to be acitve, even when you aren’t actively using the machine.
  • Running Out of Disk Space or Missing some Files
  • Frequent Crashes and Error Messages

When you bring your computer to us, we start by analysing your system using specialist software. This allows us to remove any suspicious add ons or unwanted programs.

We will repair or re-install any software that may have been damaged by the virus or malware.

If we are not confident that the system is free from infection, we will carry out a full restore of the computer to its factory settings.

In this extreme case, your computer will be reset to the condition it was when it was first purchased.

We will always advise you where there is any risk of you losing important documents or pictures and wherever possible we  start with a full backup of all of your data for restoration later.