Screen Replacement

by | Nov 15, 2020

Laptop Screen Repairs

 At Repair IT!, we specialise in the diagnosis, repair, and replacement of LCD Screens in all makes and models of Notebook or Laptop computers.

Replacements are carried out on the same day in most cases, however if your screen is not in stock, we can usually carry out the repair on the next working day.

The most common faults with a laptop screen is cracking or smashing due to physical damage. If your laptop has been dropped onto a hard surface, it is possible that the screen will be damaged.

We have seen laptops belonging to students or business owners that have only a single short crack to the screen, about the length of a pencil.

This damage was found to be caused by the lid of the laptop being closed, while there was a pen or pencil left on top of the laptop keyboard.

You should always check that there are no coins, pens or other objects in the way, before closing the lid of your laptop.

Even though the damage to the screen may be small, a cracked or smashed screen means that the LCD panel will need to be replaced.