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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design

Why does my website need an SSL certificate?

As long as your website has its own SSL Certificate, any information that your visitors enter is securely encypted between their browser and your website.
An SSL Certificate helps you to maintain trust with your users.

Can I get my website sooner?

Our typical design and development takes between 2 to 4 weeks. Please let us know if you need your project completed sooner.

Computer Repairs

I've accidentally deleted some files. How can I get my files back?

We can help you get your accidentally deleted files back.

Can you fix my ... ?

With over 20 years experience in diagnostics and repair, we can fix your laptop, desktop, server, or mobile device of any flavour. We specialise in the repair of all of your tech devices. Get in Touch today.

Why is my computer so slow?

In most cases, a slow computer can be sped up.

Where are you based?

Based in Wrexham, our repair services cover the surrounding areas of Chester, North Shropshire, and most of North Wales.  Our website design and hosting service covers the whole of the UK and beyond.

My laptop screen or tablet is broken, can you fix it?

A cracked, smashed, or dull Laptop LCD Screen can cause frustration. We offer next day laptop screen replacement, in most cases. A dull Laptop LCD screen can be a sign that the LCD backlight is faulty or has failed completely.

I think my computer has a virus, can you help?

If your Desktop, Laptop, iPad or Tablet is acting strangely, this could be the sign of a computer virus or malware infection.
Browsing the internet without the proper protection that Anti Virus Software provides, can be dangerous.


Can you resolve our networking issues?

At Repair IT! in Wrexham, our network engineers are Cisco trained and highly professional. We have many years experience in providing Wired & Wireless networking solutions.
We specialise in the installation of commercial WiFi, for cafés, shops, and restaurants to much larger scale outdoor setups.


How do I go about making payment?

For all of our IT services, we accept a variety of payment methods. You can pay by PayPal, Bank Transfer or by Cash.

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