Web Design

Web Design

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Let us take the complication out of website development.

We know that you may not need to know the ins and outs of web design.

If you do want to know more, then Great! We are always happy to explain everything in plain English. 

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Whether you need a new website or just a refresh of your exisiting website, our responsive deisgns ensure that your website will look and feel great to use, no matter what  size screen your customers are using.

We build websites that look amazing on Desktops, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Smart TVs.

? Design & Development

We build great looking websites, without sacrificing functionality or ease of use for the sake of technical gimmicks or cluttered design.

Too many interactive items on your website can result in your users losing interest and leaving your site or going elsewhere.


You may already have a “free” e-mail address from a provider such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, or Yahoo. These can actually be a good starting point if you just want to be able to e-mail family and friends. But when you start using e-mail seriously as part of your day-to-day business, you might want to consider an e-mail address that is linked to your website address.

?Here are a few good reasons why you should have your own e-mail address…

  •  Changing ISP or Internet Service Provider may mean you lose access to your “free” e-mail account. i.e. You could make the switch from TalkTalk to BT Infinity and you would eventually lose the @ talktalk e-mail address associated with your TalkTalk internet or phone service.
  • If something is free, you are the product – Most “free” e-mail providers rely heavily on advertising, which means the provider takes a look at the people and companies you communicate with and reads the subject line of some of your e-mails to try to work out which ads to target you with.
  • Soam Filtering – legitimate e-mails that you want to see could end up being binned by your provider when they suspect that the e-mail is spammy. The nature of Free e-mail providers, means that some e-mails that you legitimately send out to your customers will end up in a SPAM folder somewhere. You can thank the many thousands of e-mail spammers sending scam e-mails via free providers for this heavy-handed approach to Junk e-mail.
  • A more personal, more interesting e-mail address 
    • instead of davidjones1234567890 @ gmail . com, you could have
      david @ jones . com     OR     david @ david jones . co .uk
    • instead of repairitwrexhamwebsite @ gmail . com, you could have
      website @ repairitwrexham . co . uk
  • Free of Charge when you let us manage the design and hosting of your website – For as long as your website is hosted with us, your domain name and any associated e-mail addresses are free of charge.

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