Text Messages or SMS Messages have been around since 1992, so by now they must seem like old technology. However, scammers know that out of all of the text messages sent, 99 percent of these messages will be opened and read. Every mobile phone in the world can receive an SMS text message, this make SMS messages a perfect delivery method for fraudulent activity. So, how do you avoid getting scammed by a “crooked” courier company?

It’s the weekend! Your phone rings and you have received a text message from your courier. Online shopping makes up around 35 percent of all UK retail, so it’s highly likely that on any given day you might be expecting a delivery. You may be tempted to click the link in the text message – Don’t!

Stop The Scammer Don’t click links in text messages or e-mails.


Perhaps the most important rule to remember in swerving these scams, is not to click any links in e-mails or text messages. You shouldn’t click links, you should always go to a known genuine website by using their own address; for example DHL’s real website is http://dhl.co.uk/

If you did click a link from the message, you will either be asked for some personal information or payment information or you’ll be taken to a page to download an app. You should not download any app that you didn’t specifically go out and search for.

Stop The Scammer Don’t download any apps from unknown sources.


Unless the app is available in your phone’s Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple), don’t download it, don’t install it, don’t open it! Anything you can do on your phone, the app can do. This can include reading and replying to your messages, accessing your online banking information, and totally taking control of your device.

Once the scammers have their app on your phone, you have effectively handed over control of your online life to a stranger.

Stop The Scammer Change Your Passwords

If you realise you may have clicked a fraudulent link and revealed your password to a fraudster, you should change this password immediately. If you are using the same password or variations of this password on other websites, these should be changed immediately.

Stop The Scammer Give your bank a call

If you got as far as entering any payment information, even if you have not pressed a “Submit” or “Send” button on the page, any keys you type can still be logged by the page. You should call your bank immediately using the phone number provided on the back of your credit or debit card. Never ever use any phone numbers or contact details from the original message.

If you really need to track a parcel or track down a delivery

If you really need to find a parcel, you should go direct to your courier’s own website to track your shipment rather than following a link in a message. Don’t click links in e-mails or text messages and don’t download any apps or software that you are offered that you didn’t specifically go out and search for.

We have listed some of the most common parcel tracking links below. These are links to real courier companies.




Fed Ex




Royal Mail